Decent Latha - Oxford White
Fabric Length: 4.25 meters Staying true to its name, our Decent Latha range is the epitome of durability and comfort, two quintessential qualities Latha lovers expect from a decent Latha suit. If you like your Latha suit to have a...
Emerald Latha - Cloud White
Fabric Length: 4.25 meters Emerald is our exquisite quality Latha that has perfect drape and luster. Made with finest micro-fiber compact pure cotton yarn, Emerald is perfect for hot summer weather as it is breathable yet has a luscious feel....
Gold Medal Latha - Dove White
Fabric Length: 4.25 metersFor a fuss-free, strong, and sturdy look, opt for this timeless classic latha by Puri Fabrics. This crisp pure cotton latha is woven with care and finished for better performance to last you all day.
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